Equipment for sale!

Maura has been collecting letterpress equipment for more than 40 years now, and it’s resulted in a fabulous array! But also some things extra or redundant to our needs. This includes several perfectly functional pieces, some nearly-functional, a couple full fonts of type, various incomplete fonts, and many, many sorts that ideally would be married with their matching cases.

All type is 2$/lb, excepting sorts which are FREE! We just want sorts to be useful again.

Contact us by phone (206.721.0064) or email ( for any questions, clarifications, if you’d like to see more photos of an object, or if you’d like to visit and take a look in person!

Incomplete fonts:

  • An array of Cloister Oldstyle, mostly new! But a wildly scattered collection. 8, 10, and 12 pts, only lowercase. We’ve never had the heart to just melt this down, but we also can’t think how to use it without the complete fonts.
  • Unidentified fancy italic figures and $s, 18 pt.
  • Futura Book, caps and figures only, 10 and 12 pt.
  • Flash, no caps, 18 pt.
  • Murray Hill, no figures, 18 pt.


  • Alternate Gothic Condensed, 24 pt.
  • Artcraft Roman, 14 pt.
  • Baskerville, 36 pt.
  • Bodoni Bold Italic, 12 pt.
  • Bodoni Extrabold, 18 pt.
  • Brush 14 pt.
  • Caslon Open, 24 pt.
  • Cheltenham Bold Extra Condensed, 36 pt.
  • Cheltenham Bold Outline, 24 pt.
  • Cloister Black, 24 pt.
  • Cloister Oldstyle, 14 pt.
  • De Roos Roman, 18 pt.
  • Engravers Old English, 10 and 24 pt.
  • Engravers Text, 12 pt.
  • Freehand, 10 pt.
  • Glamour Medium, 24 pt.
  • Gillies Bold, 24 pt.
  • Modernique, 14 pt.
  • Perpetua Italic, 36 pt.
  • Spartan Medium, 12 pt.
  • Times New Roman, 24 pt.
  • Type Text, 14 pt.
  • Venus Medium, 14 pt.
  • Wedding Text, 18 and 14 pt.

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