Building a form

Made a tree out of decorative pieces this week! It’s only slightly faster than actually planting a tree.

The materials were a collection of floral pieces that were varied enough to be interesting, numerous enough to cover the area of a 4.25×5 card, and mathematically compatible enough to keep me sane.

the materials

I mostly made it up as I worked, laying out rough chunks of the picture…

the basic layout

…and filling in empty space as it came.

filling it in

All the empty space within the printed area has to be filled with short, non-printing spacing material so that when pressure is applied to its side walls, the whole thing can be lifted and nothing will fall out the unsupported back side.

locking it up

The back side of the form shows most clearly where all the pieces are arranged, and how many it takes to fill up the grid.

the back side

I recorded video of the whole building process—absolutely unfit for human consumption in its raw, hours-long form—which I’ll be editing and putting up later this week. Keep an eye out for it if you’re interested!

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