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We are still printing!

Hello internet! In response to COVID-19 we are closing our doors to unlimited visitation until further notice. BUT we are still printing! As well as our usual custom work we have an Etsy store, although not everything we sell in our little retail corner is there so please call us (206.721.0064) if you’d like a more complete description of everything we have available—prints, postcards & notecards, journals, artists’ books, etc.—and we’ll send you pictures. Also, as a reminder, we’re on Instagram! Where I mostly talk about the printing process, so if that interests you, I’ll be there even more often and posting for your entertainment.

And the doors may be closed but local friends, if you, like me, are getting out in the bright spring weather & fresh air for regular walks, consider swinging by our 3320 Beacon Ave S location anyway! I’ll be switching out the display in our front window every two or three days during this period to show more pieces, and maybe writing a little about their making & techniques. Like the tiniest gallery. (Some pieces will be removed/covered from around 2:30-sundown, to protect them from direct sunlight.)

front window display

Stay safe & do your best for your own and others’ health, everyone! But that doesn’t mean we have to do without art.

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